We help AI-powered companies tell their stories with beautiful films and  connect with new customers 
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Boost your content marketing strategy


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"We help AI Companies by turning their stories into beautiful films".
                                                                    Martin Russo

How does it work?


1. Customer Interviews

We interview your customers to learn how your AI-powered product has transformed their lives and businesses


2. The Film

We produce a beautiful, authentic and emotionally-engaging film that tells your success story


3. The Wave

We help you promote your film and your accomplishments with targeted content marketing campaigns


With an image film, new customers can get to know you even if they have not yet met you personally.

A customer telling how your product and product has helped them conveys trust like no other medium.

This applies to customers, investors, future partners, and employees. 


A unique video helps you with targeted branding, makes your company visible, and communicates your values.

"Films that help you reach new customers."

                                                                  Tien Nguyen


Increase Your Brand Awareness

Find New Leads


Increase your Sales

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"I help sustainable-driven companies to visualize their mission".

                                                                      Nick Szymczak


Why is AI Time Journal different?


To tell a story is to become a part of it. 

To tell AI stories is to become part of the most exciting,

the most game-changing story of this century. 

That’s why your story matters to us. 

That’s why we want to tell and share your story on AI Time Journal.

That’s why your story will become a part of the 21st century.

About us

Tien Dong Nguyen

Sales Manager

Martin Russo

Editor, AI Time Journal

Nick Szymczak

Film Director 

Loves to give a push so that people and businesses can change and grow.


His living philosophy is "Strangers are friends I don't know yet".

Martin brings 8+ years of experience in tech and marketing.


He is passionate about sharing stories of how emerging technologies help people and businesses.

I have specialized in creating films that connect the viewer emotionally with your mission.

I call it "goosebumps marketing"

Your 3 Steps to Success

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Tell us your own story, your mission, goals and what is important for you.

Film Production

We produce a film that tells your story in an authentic, entertaining and engaging way.

Spreading the word

Your film is out there engaging with your future customers.


Do you want to learn more? Then let's talk!

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Iain Brown, ph.D.

Head of Data Science / Adjunct Professor

A truly inspirational list, congratulations everyone. Honoured to have even been considered. Thanks AI Time Journal

Ken Herron 

Chief Marketing Officer, UIB

I had the opportunity this week to speak with Jagan G M at AI Time Journal about what UIB is doing and how we'll be working with #AI in 2020. Don't miss our interview

Rayssa Küllian

Science Manager at Amazon.com

I feel humbled to be part of this list with such inspiring colleagues! Thank you, AI Time Journal

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